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LCS-50BTH white carbon black or carbon black powder packing machine

LCS-50BTH white carbon black or carbon black powder packing machine

LCS—50 series semi powerpacking machine adopts latest technology screw electron weighing portionpacking machine. It is suited to weighting pack various normal mobility powder.Such as chemical and fertilizer, etc. especially barium carbonate. It adopts modulardesign, max improve work efficiency; reduce labor intensity, dust and noise.Control system and pneumatic components are first-class quality products,software function abundant, simple operation, strong reliability, ensure runone million times continuous. The series auto quantitative packing machineincludes hopper, feeding device, metering device, unload hopper, clip bagdevice, electronic control system, conveyor, and stitch machine, etc. Form ametering packaging sealing production line.

Main features:


1. Fast packing speed: Depends on theoperator proficiency and material process requirement


2. High measuring accuracy: weightingaccuracy: ±0.2%


3. High reliability: main control systemcomponent is imported product, instrument adopts Jermaine weight technology;pneumatic system main component adopts CKD/SMC, motor adopts Taiwan brand.


4. Reasonable mechanical structure: goodmaintenance system, material adaptable.


5. Stability product quality assurance:with ISO9001 quality assurance system for the security, adopts advanced CADdesign and CAM manufacturing technology, andwith the help of the CAT detection means, ensure the product quality.


6. Good after-sales service: the stabletechnical service personnel, 24 hours service hotline, provide enough spareparts and perfect technical service in a timely manner.


Main function:

Set arbitrary rough and fine feeding value,weighing speed adjustment, single bag weight value setting, automatic errorcorrection, bag count, weight accumulative display, dynamic display rough andfine feeding, automatic peeling, automatic zeroing, out-of-tolerance alarm andfault self-diagnosis function. Also it has the remaining material emptying,manual unloading function, and convenience for the user.


Technical parameter:



Screw superfine powder single scale



Weighing Scope


Max Packing Capacity


Weighing accuracy



Suitable for white carbon black or carbon black powder

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