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20 roll of Sendzimir Mill
LOCALTION:HOME      20 roll of Sendzimir Mill

20-hi cold rolling mill
Feature and applications
Suitable for rolling high strength alloy steel,stainless steel,silicon steel and steels of extremely thin and high precision.
Comparing with four-high cold mill,six-high cold mill and traditional 20-high cold rolling mill with frame directly pressing down,It has the following notable features:
1、With whole cast frame,high rigid,rolling pressure radiate on the various section of the frame.
2、With small working roll diameter,large pressure rate of rolling routes and total pressure rate .
3、With pagoda shape roll assembly,structure of various section support back up roll,high rigid,less deformation and products with good plate shape and high precision.
4、Small volume,light weight. It's only 1/2 of the other same type rolling machines.
5、High precision,the guarantee of manufacturing precision of 8 plum blossom shape channels on the frame is the key of the product.


Charging saddle→Uncoiler→lefttension roll→Feeding plate→front pinchroll→thickness gauge→vacuum degreasing→centeringdevice→rolling mill→vacuumdegreasing→thickness gauge→shear→righttension roll→post pinch roll→coiler


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