Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Beams type racking or bracket type racking are normally used in automation warehouse, general for whole assembly structure, a small parts are welding structure, and a small parts are racking supported building.
This kind of racking is usually used steel pallet and plastic pallet to load goods. Pallet is steel pallet or plastic pallet with strong loading capacity and better rigidity. If the pallet loading or goods distance is small, or goods themselves with goods strength or rigidity, beams can be instead of plastic container or put on support bracket directly.
Automated Storage and Retrieval System has high accuracy requirements on manufacturing and installation. The main components of racking must be manufactured  in high precision and continuous production line with high requirements on manufacturing process and equipments, so the ability of general racking manufacturing factory can’t be reached.
NOVA has been built a few hundred of Automated Storage and Retrieval System in which the it has been NOVA’s strength products with good quality and high accuracy and has been a wide range of verification.
According to the loading of pallet and racking height, the upright of NOVA warehouse has a variety of optional, such as 80、90、100、120、140、160 and etc. the thickness of upright is about 1.8-4.0mm; beams are also available with a variety of types, and all used international cold rolled double bite buckle type, such as 80*50、100*50、110*50、120*50、 140*50、160*60、180*60 and etc.

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