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Our team of engineers supports theintegrity, safety and reliability of your activities, equipment and operationswith creative technical solutions. We advise on growth strategy execution andmarket best practice for industrial manufacturing and trade, conducting testingand conformity assessments to ensure that processes and projects meet allquality and performance requirements and minimize the environmental impact ofindustry.

Industrialmanufacturing covers a wealth of business areas from farm machinery, aerospaceto automotive and everything in between. Manufacturing is invariably complex,requires tremendous attention to standards and regulations, needs compliancewith quality, health and safety legislation and, often, internationalregulations. JOC Machinery will help you make it!

At JOC Machinery, we have acomprehensive suite of services to help manufacturing processes run smoothly –whether you are fabricating components, or finished products to be solddirectly to consumers. We understand the business of manufacturing, fromprocess control to logistics.

We have services such as materialstesting, product certification, metallurgy and process design, in-plant andoperational support, quality control. Thanks to their experience andwide-ranging skills, our experts are adept at helping you build a better,stronger, more competitive and profitable business. We can help ensure thatboth your products and processes comply with regulations that relatespecifically to your area of manufacturing – and help you to prove that you arefully compliant with legislation.

Find out more about how we can help youwith your product manufacturing and processes today.


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